Taking into account the fragility of the African film industry, Al Tarab has created new partnerships to aid in its consolidation, and has joined with other international projects with similar goals. Among the current projects we can mention: Africafilms.tv (the first web site for the online broadcast of African films) and Babylon, a European Project aimed at promoting films made by the Diaspora by means of mentorship activities and diverse incentives. On the other hand, Al Tarab joins Mokolo, a project started by the South Africa and Cameroon Goethe Institutes to create a major web site and a reference for all professionals involved in the African film sector. On its own, Al Tarab has created Africa Produces, the Hispanic-African Film Co-Production Forum aimed at promoting contacts between African filmmakers and European film producers interested in working together. As of 2012, Al Tarab’s key project will incorporate Arab countries to explore new funds for the Sub-Saharan film sector.  Lastly, Al Tarab is also involved in cultural consultancy. Thanks to the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, a feasibility study for the installation of a network of digital movie theatres in Mozambique has been carried out.