Al Tarab’s mission is to support the development of African and Arab cultural industries, paying particular attention to the film industry, and to propitiate the conditions for its diffusion. As a result, Al Tarab reinforces the different cultural expressions as a means of economic and human development. Moreover, by outreaching, Al Tarab enhances access to the multiple realities of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab world, contributing to create a better informed and more respectful society, tolerant toward the Other.

Al Tarab’s activities are split into three main areas:

1. Training. In Africa, Al Tarab organizes professional workshops aimed at reinforcing young professional’s capacities and enhancing their creative and material opportunities. Some examples are the Stop-Motion animation workshop, the workshop on radio journalism or the screenwriting workshops (in Equatorial Guinea, in Mozambique and in Burkina Faso). Since 2011, Al Tarab has been involved in a number of collaboration programs to provide training for animation professionals in Niger and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Spain, Al Tarab promotes awareness-raising activities in schools by publishing and distributing didactic textbooks (for teachers and students) based on African movies.

2. Industry. Taking into account the fragility of the African film industry, Al Tarab has created new partnerships to aid in its consolidation, and has joined with other international projects with similar goals. Among the current projects we can mention: Africafilms.tv (the first web site for the online broadcast of African films) and Babylon, a European Project aimed at promoting films made by the Diaspora by means of mentorship activities and diverse incentives. On the other hand, Al Tarab joins Mokolo, a project started by the South Africa and Cameroon Goethe Institutes to create a major web site and a reference for all professionals involved in the African film sector. On its own, Al Tarab has created Africa Produces, the Hispanic-African Film Co-Production Forum aimed at promoting contacts between African filmmakers and European film producers interested in working together. As of 2012, Al Tarab’s key project will incorporate Arab countries to explore new funds for the Sub-Saharan film sector.  Lastly, Al Tarab is also involved in cultural consultancy. Thanks to the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, a feasibility study for the installation of a network of digital movie theatres in Mozambique has been carried out.

3. Coverage. Al Tarab supports and promotes activities aimed at reinforcing and circulating film production as well as other artistic expressions to effectively aid in the consolidation of the new African and Arab cultural identities. These activities work hand-in-hand with its awareness-raising programs as regards contemporary African and Arab identities. The main activities in this area are the African Film Festival of Cordoba, the Cinenomada film diffusion program, the Cinemovil (Mobile Cinema) itinerant program (Spain, Morocco and Mauritania), the African Film Archive, the creation of contents for specialized publications and the WikiAfrica project. Equally important are Al Tarab’s multiple collaborations with institutions and festivals committed to African film diffusion in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Furthermore, in response to the absence of communication channels, Al Tarab offers its database of Spanish professionals in the audiovisual sector to Spanish Embassies in Africa and cultural agents in Africa. This is the case of Ecrans Noirs. Since 2010, the Cameroonian festival can count on Spanish instructors thanks to its close collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Yaoundé and Al Tarab. Also in Niger, the African Film Festival of Cordoba’s director has imparted several master classes within the framework of the Film Master of the Institut de Formation de Techniques du Cinema (Filmmaking Techniques Training Center), backed by the Spanish Embassy in Niamey.